Business Consulting and M&A
Business Consulting and M&A
The International Contracts Group provides advisory services to PMI and multinationals Companies alike, helping them to reach their objectives and become leaders in their sector of reference.

Since being founded the International Contracts Group has supported companies in strategic and operational projects, with an exceptional customer retention rate amongst its clients who over the years have made us their consulting group of choice.

We design and implement strategies for international growth and global business development, while also offering wide ranging management consulting services which focus on organisational functions such as corporate restructuring, change management, business planning, sales and marketing.

We employ complete Managers with considerable managerial, commercial and technical experience, particularly effective for:
The International presence of International Contracts has allowed for the development of an extensive M&A network of potential investors, companies, and financial and industrial partners which can be leveraged upon to benefit our clients.

When acting sell-side we support clients in identifying the most suitable investor, not only in terms of maximizing selling price but also in terms of synergies which will drive future growth. The in-depth analysis of client companies and their activities is central to our development of comprehensive business plans which highlight the intrinsic value of assets and their potential to generate returns for investors.

The International Contracts Group also acts buy-side, providing assistance to institutional investors and large industrial groups in identifying European acquisition targets which fit with their strategic outlook. Detailed sector research, together with careful selection of potential targets and close collaboration during the M&A process, ensure that our clients can successfully complete transactions and meet objectives.